Is Vector Marketing A Scam?

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Is Vector Marketing a scam?

That’s the question you’re asking yourself, right? You want to know if Vector Marketing is a legit company. And when the suggestion popped up in the Google search (or whichever search engine you use), you saw Vector’s corporate site, but you also saw “Vector Marketing Scam”. Maybe you’ve even seen someone online make a more declarative statement such as “Vector Marketing is a scam because they take advantage of college students or utilize dishonest marketing practices.” So which is it – does Vector Marketing take advantage of naïve college students, or do they offer a unique opportunity for students to gain business experience and potentially earn a good income in the process?

This site is designed to answer those questions. For several years I was a sales representative with Vector Marketing, selling Cutco Cutlery, and these are my thoughts. In recent years I’ve read with some level of amusement the characterizations of the company, ranging from the ranks of those who are apparently convinced that the company is “evil”, to the opposing viewpoint from some Vector reps who will sometimes assert that “Vector is the greatest company ever!” Hopefully I can provide some balance to this discussion, and from there you can make up your own mind.

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